Tulip Festival In Istanbul

Tulip Festival In Istanbul 2019

April 12, 2018

Every year, in the month of April, Istanbul hosts one of the biggest Tulip Festival in the World.  This year too, the Tulip Festival in Istanbul is all set to mesmerize you through its decoration in city parks, squares and all corners. One of the largest carpet of tulips is set in Sultanahmet, followed by Rainbow show in Emirgan and Gulhane. If you are planning a trip to Istanbul this April then don’t miss out this amazing Istanbul Tulip Festival.

Turkey’s Love for Tulip

The question is why Istanbul loves tulips. For this we have to go 300 years back to the Ottoman Empire, where this love story all began. Contrary to popular belief, Tulips are native flowers to Central Asia and Turkey rather than Holland. In 16th century, Turkey exported Tulips to Holland and they became sudden hit in Holland. Holland started cultivating and exporting them in large quantities. Their economy was highly dependent on Tulips and businessmen started investing heavily in this flower business. Tulips also led to one of the economic meltdown also called as “Tulipmania”. Now government regulates its supply according to the world demand.

The botanical name of tulip “Tulipa” originates from the Turkish word “Tulbend” or “turban”. Pashas and kings used turban as headgears and thus it became an important symbol of nobility and stature. Tulips have played an interesting role in Turkey between  16th and 18th century is famous as “Tulip Era”. This era is remembered as an era of peace and enjoyment under the famous reign of Ottoman Sultan Ahmet III. Moreover, the association with tulip is also visible in architect, poetry, fabrics, arts, folklore, etc. 

Tulip And Culture Of Turkey

Even today, tulip plays an important role in Turkish Culture. Turks exchange tulips on special occasions whether it is birthday, proposals, business engagements, etc. Moreover, designers use tulip designs in tiles, crockery and fabric which you can witness while doing shopping. Tulips are also essential part of many folklore and poetry. 

Tulip Festival In Istanbul 2018

This era ended in 1730 with Patrona Halil revolt with the dethronement of the Sultan but love for Tulip continued in Turkey. Since 2006, Istanbul has officially started celebrating their love for tulip by planting millions of tulips in Istanbul’s parks, avenue, traffic roundabouts and in all open ground. 

Each year in April, Turkey celebrates “Istanbul Tulip Festival (Istanbul Lale Festivali)” to reclaim its love for this natural beauty. So, this year lock your calendar between 3rd April and 30th April and be a part of one of the biggest Tulip Festival in Istanbul. Government and people plan workshops, activities, concerts and exhibitions around this theme, thus promoting the love associated with Tulip.

1. Emirgan Woods

The most popular festival takes place in Emirgan Woods which is located between Besiktas and Sariyer. This is one of the largest parks of Istanbul and also known as playground of Isma’il Pasha. Moreover, this park will showcase one of the biggest Tulip bed with different breeds.

In 16th century, Emirgan Park was set up as a gift to Lord Chancellor Nisanci Feridun Bey. In 17th century, Sultan Murad IV offered the entire state of this area to surrendered commander Emir Gûne Han. Overtime, the name Emirgan gained popularity. Finally, in 1940s it came under the direct authority of Istanbul Metropolitan City.

The facility is spread over more than 100 acres and flaunts a diverse variety of flora and fauna. Now it is also supporting playground, jogging tracks, pavilions and a lake.


2. Gulhane Park

Gulhane Park is adjacent to Topkapi Palace, a place worth visiting. It is one of the oldest and biggest park. Gulhane Park literally means “House of Roses Park” in Turkish. For centuries, it served as the garden for Ottoman Empire because of its location.

This park was not accessible to public till 1922. After 1922, the park authority was transferred to the local authorities. It is now home to hundreds years old walnut and oak trees. One of the oldest monument of Istanbul “Column of the Goths” which dates back to third century is erected in this park. The structure is 18 meters high marble column on the east end of the park. 

Every April, this park serves as one of the places to exhibit millions of tulip flowers which creates an amazing landscape. The tulip with the background view of Bosphorus and Maramara Island. This view is sure to mesmerize its visitors.



3. Goztepe Rose Garden

On the Asian side, Goztepe will be organizing second most tulips in all parks. It is near Kadikoy and is sure you inspire you through Tulip carpet display. This park has special rose section too. Hence. you can enjoy two beautiful types of flowers clustered in together. Moreover, if you are coming with kids, then this park also have slides and other rides which can sure keep them busy. 


4. Sultanahmet Square

One of the biggest display would be at none other place than Sultanahmet. Tulips will cover the pavilion, creating mesmerizing pavilion which is sure to captivate tourist and locals.


5. Other Famous Attractions

Another imperial garden of the palaces, Yildiz Park will also exhibiting tulip landscape arrangement. It will be boasting around 830,000 tulips of more than 40 different types.

Soğanlı Bitkiler Parki And Beykoz Korusu will be boast different types of tulips in different arrangements. A mix of tulips will create an awe inspiring landscape.

6. Exhibitions And Events

Apart from flower festival, Istanbul Metropolitan government has also arranged sports activities, concerts, and exhibitions. The main theme of these events will be around tulip and its history. 

One such event will take place at Cemal Reşit Rey Exhibition Hall. This place holds tulip-themed exhibition in April. The display kicks off usually in the mid of April till the end of the month. In May best photographer will be awarded with recognition in Beyaz Kosk.

If you are in town, drop in and mesmerize yourself with the amazing love story of Turkey and Tulips. You will witness the love and strong association of Turks with this flower. 

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  1. Nuriha Kamaruddin
    November 2, 2018

    Need the full schedulle of 2019 lale festival around Istanbul.

  2. November 5, 2018

    Dear Nuriha Kamaruddin;

    Thank you very much for your kind interest in for the Tulip Festival in Istanbul however we do not have the full schedule of the 2019 festival yet.

    Please keep in touch after new year.

  3. Vivian
    November 18, 2018


    i want to visit Turkey to see beautiful tulips blooming season,
    is the end of April , if the tulips still are blooming ? of fading?

  4. November 19, 2018

    Dear Vivian;

    It is good to hear that you want to visit Istanbul for Tulip Festival.
    Yes April is the best season for Istanbul and Tulips will be still blooming however we recommend you to plan your trip little bit early because last year the weather was much warmer and the season started early. As you know the Tulips have very limited times and the weather conditions are very important.

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