10 tips for women travelling to Turkey

10 tips for women travelling to Turkey

June 3, 2018

Turkey is an exiciting country with lot to explore with a warm culture and hospitable people. This place is filled with rich history, stunning landscape and adventure which can keep its dweller mesemrized. Travelling to Turkey is safe as long as you as stick with common sense and take precautions similar precaution as you take at your home.  Travelling to Turkey is safe as long as you use common sense and take the same precautions you would at home. It is very important that you understand the culture and people of the country you are going to. Here, are 10 tips for women travelling to Turkey which will surely keep you safe and sound.

1. Dress Appropirately

They say when in Rome do as Romans do. So when you are in Istanbul and the adjoining area, people there are more accustomed to Westren and European style dress. But in the interior part they are more conservative and formal. So it is better to dress formally when travelling to such areas. If you show respect you will get respect. Try to avoid going to places at night which are not safe. Female travellers do not need to cover their heads until and unless they are visiting mosques. Also try to pack loose fitting jeabs , longer skirts, capris, yoga pants, etc. This will help you in blending with local people and can be great mementos to bring back from Turkey.


2. Mosque Etiquette

Istabul and Turkey is famous for mosques, places like Blue Mosque, etc. When visiting a mosque, it is essential that you cover your hair, shoulder and knewws and take off your shoes. A long skort or a pair of losseknee length capris.


3. Carry Yourself Like Local and Meeting With Locals

Be careful when you are meeting acquaintces and all. With friends, it is alright to hug but when it come strangers it is better to be socially reserved. Refrain from hugging new acquaintaces, avoid smiling to unknown people shake hand only if they initite. Usually hug is taken as flirtous.

The eariler you start meeting with local the better it will be Best way is to join some classes like cooking, ceramics ir some other local clubs. This will break the ice and will help you in making a rapport. You can invite them to your home for meals and establish trust and all. One thing that Turks like to talk about is family. So try to ask them about their family this will break the culture barrier.


4. Atiquette In The Home

When visiting  a friend or family in Turkey it is a great gesture if you being small gifts, sweets from local pastry shop etc. They always appreciate this kind of gesture. You can also invite them to meals, just be sure that you pack your appetite. The hosts always want to make sure that you are well fed. You can also ay thank to the cook at the end of the meal by saying elinize saglik, meaning “health to your hands”.

When entering the home it is better that you take  your shoes off. You will likely be given a pair of slipper to wear or shoes, as normal outside shoes are not permitted to be worn inside the home. When arriving before the meal, join the ladies in the kitchen and help them to prepare the food. It will be great opportunity to know each other and interact with them.


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5. Toilet Paper Is Travellers Gold

While travelling to Turkey it is better that you have toilet paper, eventhough wash rooms in Turkey are clean but its better that you keep a roll of toilet paper with you.


6. Keep hotel business card

Addresses and location in Turkey can be hard sometimes, so it is best that you grab a hotel card and a map so that you dont lost your way. Write down the namem address and phone number on the card. If you cant find the way, you can give it to taxi driver and he can take you back to your accomodation.


7. Learn a few words of Turkish

It is better that you learn few words of Turkish as commoners love this and they treat you more nicely. Turks take pride i their country and languge. Learn simple phrases such as hello, goodbye, thank you, etc to build good rapport. It will also help you in bargaining you at the Grand Bazaar and other shopping malls.


8.  Try Turkish Hammams

No trip is complete without visiting these baths, these baths dates hundred years back where they were used for relaxing and rejuventaing ricj cultural experience. Most of the hammams are unisex but still do check before you go. They have designated time for men and women.

9. Get Ready For Adventure

Be ready to having an experience which will change your life for better. Try to enjoy your time with the locals and make new friends. People there genuinely wants to helps you. So go with adventure mindset.


 10. Mix Up With Locals

The best thing to do when visiting another country is to mix with the local people. You will find turkish hospitable and gregarious who like to make frined and hang out. It would be great if you could learn few Turkish phrases. This will make you at home more and will break ice.. Refrain from hugging men and try not to smile as they may take it as some other way. Just be careful and be respectful to the people.


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