Things Not To Do While Travelling To Turkey

November 7, 2018

Things Not to Do While Travelling to Turkey

If you visit a mosque or a house, do not forget to take off your shoes as this considered a traditionally as respect for the place. Similarly, in mosques dont wear shorts and women should also cover their heads. These traditions are taken seriously in Turkey.


Ramadan is holy month observed by muslims all across the world. During this month, muslims fasts the whole month and then cant eat or drink between sunrise and sunsets. So if you are travelling in that month, just be respectful and conscious of the month.


3. Avoid Border Areas

If you are travelling to Turkey, avoid border areas with the countries like Syria, Iraq. Moreover, when you travel, do consult your travel warning from the embassy of your countries. Apart from that the country is safe and friendly.

4. Respect People Praying

Respect people who are praying in the mosques. Try to avoid passing in front of the peopple who are praying as it is considered rude. So be very cautious when visting holy sites.

5. Dress Appropriately

When you are visiting Turkey, it would be wise if you could research about clothes. Pack some conservative clothes specially when you travel farther away from the big cities. Try to avoid too short clothes (both women and men) and if you are female try to keep a headscarf in your purse or as fashion accessory. You can use scarf to cover you head when visiting mosques and holy cities.


6. Customize yourself with Turkish

English is not the first language of the country and most of the pepole living in Turkey does not speak English. So it would be a better idea if you could familarize with few basic words and phrases in Turkish. This will not only help in communicating with the locals but it will also help in socializing with locals.

7. Take the cue of the Body Language

In Turkey, nodding your head is meaningless. If you nod once it generally means yes and single downward nod means no.


8.  Be Aware when engaging with Turkish

Respect when you are talking to men or women, Turkish men might ignore to young women or single women. Same goes if you are talking to Turkish Women.


9. Show Respect Kemal Atatürk

Best thing is to avoid politics when you are in foreign country as you might step on some foot. Moreover, dont say anything bad about Kemal Atatürk as his legacy and reputation is taken very seriously.

10. Bargain when shopping

If you want to purchase or want to go on shopping spree, dont forget to bargain. You would need to bargain and negotiate a lot but try not to get rude in that process.

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