Top 10 thinfs to with kids in istanbul

Top 10 Things To Do With Kids In Istanbul

May 12, 2018

Are you coming to Istanbul with your kids and worried how to keep them motivated and entertained? Well you dont have to worry, Turks love children and hence you will be able to find good places to enjoy this beautiful time with children. Our list will give you an idea of what Istanbul has in stored for the young kids and adults. These top 10 things to do is a sure secret guide for you to keep your little munchkins happy.


1. Miniaturk (Miniatürk)

First on our top 10 things to do list is an open-air miniature park which is situated on the bank of Golden Horn. It has miniature monuments of Orignial Istanbul, Anatolia and Ottoman structures. This is one of the world largest miniature park having around 126 miniature models. It also features playground, a large chessboard and a maze. It opens daily from 09.00 to 17.00 across the year. They also have english audio guide for the foreigners.

For more details visit their website Miniaturk


2. Legoland Istanbul

This discovery center is designed for childeren aging 10 14 years. It has many fun activities which will surely keep you and your children engaged. Legoland has factory tours, creative workshops, Lego 4D cinema, and many more exciting and thrilling activities. It is a very safe and child friendly environment which sure to bring happiness to your lovely kids.

For more details visit the website of Legoland Istanbul


3. Rahmi M Koç Museum

Situated on the bank of Golden Horn, this amazing building used to be a 19th century industry which has now been converted to a museum. This museum is worth a visit with your family. Here you will have a chance to see and sit in vintage car, in a real plane, visit a real submarine and you can also try scientific experiment. It also has a small food court where you could enjoy good food.

For more details visit the website of Rahmi M Koc Museum


4. Vialand 

It is a themepark situated in Istanbul near Eyup. This park has fine attractions like shopping malls, botVialand is a great theme park in Istanbul located in Eyup, at the Golden Horn region of Istanbul. Visitors may find variety of amazing attractions in Vialand such as theme park with lots of attractions from amusement are to gaming zone. You can enjoy shopping mall which has around 250 shops and boutiques.

For more details visit the website of Vialand



5. Istanbul Aquarium

This aquarium is considered to be one of the top attractions and best place in Europe. It is situated near Airport but you can easily get here through shuttle service. This Aquarium is built on 6,000 square meter area and has 1.2 km long travel route in the Black Sea where you can see different species of fish, rainforest, souverneir shop and a beautiful restaurant with Panama Canal view. It also have 5D cinema where you can enjoy movie with your kids.

For more details visit the website of Istanbul Aquarium


6. Istanbul Dolphinarium

This is one of the biggest Dolphinarium in Europe. It has different dolphin, seals, walruses and gorgeous white whale shows to entertain and captivaee the audience. You can also swim with them and take pictures with these cute creatures.

For more details visit the website of Istanbul Dolphinarium


7. Istanbul Toy Muesum

This amazing fun place was opened by Turkish poet and author Mr. Sunay Akın back in 2005 on memorable day of 23rd April. This day in Turkey is dedicated as children day and this was a gift to children from Mr. Sunay. This museum has decorated each room in a form of theater where you will find various toys. They have submarine which helps you to geet to the basement of the building to go to washrooms. You can relax in cafe with antique dolls, doll houses, and many other things. You can also buy souvenirs from the gift shops.

For more details visit the website of Istanbul Toy Museum


8.  Jurassic Land

It is one of the biggest Dinosaur themed park in Europe. You will be able to take your kids to 65 million years ago with an aim of providing education adn entertainment. It is built on 10,000 square meters and has 70 dinosaurs. It also have largest 6D cinema where people can learn and have fun. Here you will also see dinosaur bones and eggs with interesting facts and information for the visitors.


9. Bosphorus Tour

Boat ride is something that every person enjoy from children to adults. There are various options you can enjoy on this Bosphorus Tour from private tours to economical ones. If you are looking for a relaxed Bosphorus Tour, do hop on to our tours and enjoy a rich cultural experience.


10. Galata Tower

Kids like high towers and enjoying the good view and Galata Tower actually provides that. You can watch Istanbul skyline from this very 60 meter high tower. Just be careful with small kids as the balcony is not that high. You can also enjoy restaurant on this height.


Our top 10 things to do list is surely to keep you and your family. We have tried to cover the best of the best things which are available for the family. These all places are family friendly and commute is also easy.


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