Turkish Vocabulary For Travellers

Turkish Vocabulary for Travellers

June 26, 2018

Learning Turkish from zero seems a difficult task but trust me it is not as difficult as it sounds. We have collected a list of the words which surely can sharpen your Turkish language and help in having enjoyable Turkey trip. Following are few phrases which if you learn will surley help you to understand and communicate with Turkish people. Moreover, it will also help in jelling with Turkish people. So enjoy your very own Turkish vocabulary for Travellers guide.

This travel dictionary is handy and will list some words and expression that will be handy for you to mingle in with Turkish people and help you in understanding what is going around you.

Pronouncing Turkish Words

 A – sounds like ah as in “awful”
 B – sounds like b as in ” bed”
 C – sounds like j as in ” juniper”
 Ç – sounds like ch as in “chipper”
 D – sounds like d as in “dog”
 E – sounds like eh as in “hey
 F – sounds like f as in “fun”
 G – sounds like g as in “gift”
 Ğ – silent letter ( The English word ‘yoghurt’ (or yogurt) is taken from the Turkish yoğurt, pronounced: ‘yo-urt’)
 H – sounds like h as in “happy”
 I – sounds like ə as in “the
 İ – sounds like as in ” interest”
 J – sounds like je  as in “mirage
 K – sounds like k as in “king”
 L – sounds like l as in  ” love”
 M – sounds like m as in “man”
 N – sounds like n as in “none”
 O – sounds like o as in “over”
 Ö – sounds like ö as in “cook”
 P – sounds like p as in  “pickle”
 R – sounds like r as in  “river”
 S – sounds like s as in “supper”
 Ş – sounds like sh as in “shelf”
 T – sounds like t as in “top”
 U – sounds like u as in  “oodles”
 Ü – sounds like ü as in “astute”
 V – sounds like v as in “vestibule”
 Y – sounds like y as in “yes”
 Z – sounds like z as in  “zoo”


Online English – Turkish Dictionary

There are many online free English- Turkish dictionary which helps you in pronunciation of Turkish words.

1. Sesli Sozluk

One such dictionary is Sesli Sozluk which is not only easy to use and but is also available on both iOS and Andriod based devices.

2. Google Translation

Another famous translation is Google although it is not that accurate and there is also issue with the pronunciation.


Turkey Travel Dictionary

You click on the link and it will take you the relavant topic on that page.


1. General Words

Turksih WordsEnglish TranslationTurkish WordsEnglish Translation
CoastSahilVeryCok e.g. cok Tessekur (Thank you very much)


2. Courtesy words

English PhrasesTurkish PhrasesEnglish PhrasesTurkish Phrases
HiMerhaba/SelamByeGule Gule
See you laterSonra görüşürüzThank you (Singular)Teşekkür ederim
Thank you (Plural)Teşekkür ederizI am sorry (if you did something wrong)Özür dilerim
I am sorry (when something bad happened)ÜzgünümEnjoy your meal
Good MorningGünaydınGood AfternoonTünaydın
Good Eveningİyi akşamlar Good Nightİyi geceler
Good Bye (Singular)HoşçakalGood Bye (Plural)Hoşçakalın
You are welcomeRica ederimI am glad to meet youTanıştığımıza memnun oldum
Get well soonGeçmiş olsun


3. Some Common Numbers

English NumeralsTurkish TranslationEnglish NumeralsTurkish Translation
4 Dört5Beş
6 Altı7Yetmiş
20Yirmi30 Otuz
40Kırk50 Elli
60Altmış70 Yetmiş
100,200, etcYüz, ikiyüz, etc.1000, 2000 etcbin, ikibin, etc


4. Turkish Vocabulary For Food and Drink

English PhraseTurkish TranslationEnglish PhraseTurkish Translation
WaterSuCoffee (instant or filter coffee)Kahve

Coffee (Turkish coffee)Türk kahvesiCoffee without sugarSade Türk kahvesi
Coffee - Turkish coffee with a little sugar Az şekerli Türk kahvesi
Tea Çay
Sugar Şeker
Bottled beerŞişe bira
Wine Şarap
Red wineKırmızı şarap
White wineBeyaz şarap
Hot (spice)Acılıacısız

not spicy
Beverage (alcoholic)İçki
Beverage (non-alcoholic)İçecek
I am hungry: Acıktım
I am thirsty
MealYemek. Yemek also means “to eat”.
LunchÖğlen yemeği
DinnerAkşam yemeği
Bill pleaseHesap lütfen


5. Turkish Vocabulary For Shopping

English Phrases Turkish PhraseEnglish PhrasesTurkish Phrase
Credit cardKredi kartı
Do you accept credit card?Kredi kartı geçerli mi?
Credit card pinKredi kartı şifresi
ChangePara üstü
Do you accept dollar?Dolar kabul ediyor musunuz?
What is the exchange rate for Euro?Avro için döviz kuru ne?TipBahşiş
How much does this cost?Bu kaç lira?
How much does that cost?Şu kaç lira?
How much?Ne kadar?
I want to buy three: Üç tane almak istiyorumAny discount?:
İndirim var mı?


6. Turkish Vocabulary For Emergency

English PhrasesTurkish PhrasesEnglish PhrasesTurkish Phrases
Help! (S.O.S.)

Police stationKarakol

Where is the nearest police station/hospital?En yakın karakol/hastane nerede?I need helpYardıma ihtiyacım var
Can you help me?:
Yardım eder misin?


Do You Have Questions?

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